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Sylvère Lamotte Vincent Deletang

© Laurent Schneegaans

Précipitations takes place in three parts : swaying, reflecting, pounding, towards the everchanging movement of life. Right there at that very moment we become a spectator of our own memory.

The choreography, made up of these three individual parts takes approximately one hour in all. Each one is presented on a classical stage for the entire evening – at Théâtre 71 in Malakoff, but also in other spaces such as Macon’s national stage, creating a sort of public “wandering.”

Three artists who have been working and collaborating with Paco for several years now, share credit for this creation: Laurent Schneegans, light creations and installations, Serge Meyer, scenography and audio-visual creations, Fred Malle, music score, and Christian Lété, who interprets this score with drums and percussions.

“It is a place where there is no time for thinking, where our usual bearings are erased and the shapes are transformed and taken away from their usual habitat. It is a brutal fall, silent and blind, throwing us into a new model – where we become a spectator to our past. It is a dense, motionless intensity which hurls us towards life’s ever-changing movement, not yet tamed by our barriers.”

Paco Dècina

These pieces are by nature a referral to a particular art form (drawing, audio visual, music), added to Paco Dècina’s most recent pleasure in dancing on diverse spaces (large or small stages, art centers, gardens, cityowned properties) makes this a multifaceted, original project. The structure of this choreographic piece allows us to work closely with the venues so as to make proper adjustments if need be for each part of the work in relation to the desired space. To this end we can discuss possible residencies.

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