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Artistic residencies

Le Mas de la Danse à Fontvieille (2004)
Le Mas de la Danse à Fontvieille (2004)
Le Mas de la Danse à Fontvieille (2004)
Le Mas de la Danse à Fontvieille (2004)

The Company's creative activities have often emerged through collaborations developed with public structures involved in raising awareness and dissemination of contemporary dance and live performance in general.

All these "major" achievements were the result of companionship. Among the most striking are:

The Company has conducted numerous residencies in the creation and awareness of choreographic culture:

Educational actions

The Company's commitment to the development of knowledge and the practice of dance in the field reflects the desire to link our research to the concerns of the structures with which it engages in collaborations.
The questions of the public, the territorial realities that define them, constitute for the Company a platform of work and experiences each time singular. So that the artistic projects of each partner continue to evolve and enrich themselves through this mutual exchange.

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Archives residencies

At Théâtre Brétigny-sur-Orge scène conventionnée du Val d'Orge - CRÉATION 13/14

With Sébastien Fournier (countertenor) Paco Décina will dare a duet interpretation of the Arthurian legend for the Church of St. Giles of Stamps.
Post-Retroguardia will also conduct an important outreach work with the amateur choreographic community (Méréville and La Norville Conservatory) for the Transmission Project.
The company's artists are involved in the Culture at the Hospital project at the South Francilien Hospital Centre.

A residency as a territorial artist at the Lycée Jean-Pierre-Timbaud in Brétigny-sur-Orge (91). For more than twenty years, the Théâtre Brétigny (the Val d'Orge convention stage) and the Jean-Pierre-Timbaud High School of General, Technical and Professional Education in Brétigny-sur-Orge (91) have developed a regular, sustained and in-depth artistic and cultural partnership. This is why these two institutions are now implementing a territorial artist's residence in schools. It offers students of the "pilot" high school actions related to live performance which, through their diversity and multidisciplinarity, will offer an opening to the arts in general. The proposed axis is that of the "body in all its states"; organic, biological or morphological body but also of the social, political and symbolic body. Dance and body work are very logically at the center of the device. And it is the Company of Paco Dècina, in residence at the Théâtre Brétigny, that will provide the majority of the actions envisaged in the form of a course of practice and discovery offered to students and teachers.

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A choreographic residency in Malakoff

The new project developed by Pierre-François Roussillon and his team for Théâtre 71, Malakoff's national stage, aims to assert each season a strong choreographic presence on a field that has so far remained little irrigated in this artistic field. Thus, each year, a company will be welcomed in residence to carry out this background work with the culmination of a creation. The objectives we intend to achieve in this regard remain the following :
- Accompanying the artistic project of a French choreographic company: creative residency at the Fabrique des Arts, help in industry and possibly in co-production, full or partial support, in intelligence with the company, of the delegated production and support for the broadcast.
- To give greater multi-disciplinaryity to the project on the national stage. To raise awareness through many initiatives such as "lighting" all audiences and especially school audiences to dance and the world of a choreographer. Develop partnerships, especially with the Malakoff Intercommunal Conservatory.
- Itransversalities with the cinema of the national scene. To forge short-term links with the Vanves theatre and the festival "Artdanthé" and to reflect from the 2012/2013 season on the completeness of our actions.

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Paco Dècina, the Company Post-Retroguardia and the Théâtre de Chartres

"It's time for me to broadcast everything I've been able to capture along the way. Thus, the opportunity to create a space for sharing, parallel to that of creation, would become the springboard for new discoveries. My work as a choreographer increasingly requires a land of welcome, a place of anchorage, a space in which to install dance and its questions. A space for sharing, a meeting place, a land of the fruits of collective thought."

Paco Dècina

Artistic laboratories and sharing with the public the 2009/2010 season will be an opportunity for the Théâtre de Chartres, Stage Convention Dance and young audience, to begin a two-season partnership with the company Post Retroguardia and its choreographer Paco Dècina. After hosting it every year with Intervalle, Indigo, Chevaliers sans armures and his latest opus Fresque, femmes regardant à gauche , it seemed obvious to accompany him in a new creative residence.
At the origin of the project, there is this artist Paco Dècina with such singular aesthetics and his desire to explore this new material that is video image and digital in his choreographic pieces. Since his meeting with Laurent Schneegans, lighting designer and accomplice since 2002, and Serge Meyer, set designer and creator of digital software on Fresque... Paco Dècina has acquired the conviction that the image can be an integral part of the show without appearing as a juxtaposed effect, it can have just like light a role in its own right in order to make the movement visible in what it has invisible. Everything will then be in place for a harmony of shapes and images to play out. It is this idea that Paco Dècina wants to push and develop again. The form chosen will be for the first year that of experimental laboratories, they will be supplemented by time of awareness and sharing with the public and on the setting up of off-stage forms on the highlight Désirs en corps.

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Student's drowings
Paco Dècina
Orin Camus
Cartes Chorégraphiques
Atelier Dance and drawing
Mélissa von Vépy et Chloé Moglia
Mélissa von Vépy et Chloé Moglia
Atelier Dance and drawing
Cartes Chorégraphiques Emilie Praud
Cartes Chorégraphiques Orin Camus
Cartes Chorégraphiques Valeria Apicella Noriko Matsuyama

Paco Dècina,
La Compagnie Post-Retroguardia et le Théâtre de la Cité internationale

Une permanence artistique de 2005 à 2009, grâce au soutien du Conseil Régional d'Île-de-France et de la Ville de Paris

Since February 2001, with the presentation of the duo Neti-Neti within the framework of the 2001 Peninsulas, a faithful relationship with the Theatre of the International City was built. The resumption of Soffio in 2004 allowed to develop the work with the public through courses in artistic practice, stage technique, and workshops with the high school La Source and the Fratellini School, offered upstream and downstream of the performances. This is following the presentation of the two duets Intervalle, february 2005, that this desire for long-term collaboration materialized.

Like the Théâtre de la Cité International, which has always put at the heart of its system the artistic action approaches aimed at the appropriation of works and their issues by audiences and populations, the Post-Retroguardia Company carries many proposals to accompany and help the public to meet the "dance body": practice workshops, meetings, conferences, internships, interventions... and more generally all kinds of activities capable of stimulating reflection on Dance and its visibility.

What's at stake






Around creation Living your body to find the dance

" To dance, you have to be able to forget yourself, you have to be able to let go of any idea, and make the body available to dance movement. The danced movement -dance - is a vital flow, moving and transforming. By this intensive quality that creates at every moment a new space to unfold, the dancer's body becomes the vehicle of a shaping and the eye of the spectator, the witness so that the dance, in fact, can look at itself... But then, who dances? Is there really a separation between the performer, the work and the viewer? It is in listening to this vital flow, constantly transformed, that dance appears to us. Whether we are sitting, looking at it, or in balance, ready to welcome it."

Paco Dècina

Art is not connected to a productive or repetitive form, but rather a way of inhabiting one's own "body" when looking at the world. This self-investigation, through dance, leads to a profound questioning of the notion of "body" (social, individual, physical, philosophical, subtle, political, aesthetic, etc.) as a place of organization and identification. This place seems to be the ideal place to meet the public.

In a spirit of convergence with the artistic programming of the Théâtre de la Cité International, the company seeks to diversify its educational and awareness interventions, both on the issue of proposals and on that of the public.

The broadest community is in demand, whether they are school groups, students, teachers, retirees, company employees, artists invited to the Theatre's programming and its spectators.

The proposed actions were designed to enrich the spirit of openness, sensitivity and knowledge that each of us mobilizes, in our relationship to our own body, and in our relationship to Art.

Living in a Suffering Body - The Hospital Environment

Great projects were born with two day hospitals involving the entire management team of the CEREP (Paris 14th), and L'élan Regained (Paris 10th) for a partnership over the year.

Paco Dècina, Carlo Locatelli and Émilie Praud are the speakers. Through work on the body, the trainees gain greater self-confidence until they come to the theatre alone, a great victory for them...

Living a Hobbled Body - The Prison Environment

The Theatre of the International City is a partner of the Health Arrest House. Theatre performances, readings, theatre and dance workshops have been performed there for the past three years.

For the Company, it was a matter of conducting workshops with detainees who are in pre-trial detention. Orin Camus and Rodolphe Fouillot led a summer workshop and after a sustained demand from the inmates, Rodolphe continued throughout 2006/2007. This adventure is also the subject of a program on France Culture. Inmates move from the weight room to the dance class. What a pleasure to see them understand that the body is something other than a machine. They gradually become aware of the good that relaxation can provide this body hampered by locks... Reintegrating one's body, an indispensable first step towards reintegration into social life?

Two Cartes de visite danced by Rodolphe Fouillot, Jorge Crudo and Orin Camus were given in the theatre of the House of Arrest in front of about fifty people: inmates, educational and judicial staff, supervisors, followed by an exciting discussion.

An exciting week-long internship took place with the staff of the sciting Protection of youth animé by Paco Dècina and Bernard Benattar, philosopher. The theme: Self-Discovery and Educational Action.

An internship where we realize that the body is not always there when the individual is working. Would the actors of judicial protection need a little more bodies? Certainly. An intern's words: "When I go to work, I don't take the woman, not the mother and not my body..."

Living a body at work - The business world (in the process of being finalized)

The artistic world is often cut off from the corporate world, and even if contacts exist with corporate committees, the links are virtually non-existent. The Théâtre de la Cité and the Paco Dècina Company are working together on the implementation of new partnerships.

Living a Body in Youth - The Academic and School World

Relationships with teachers, students in primary, middle school, high school or university, having an amateur practice or simply curious to understand the world of choreography, are created and result in workshops, meetings, sharing of experiences.

With the SEGPA of Giacometti College (Paris 14th), as part of the City Politic, a new partnership has emerged, under the sign of body, movement and dance. This project affects the students of the 5th and 4th seed who face, more than others, enormous difficulties, social, relational, cultural. Their relationship to others is often marked by mistrust and even violence. Ahead of the shows, a practice workshop for each group takes place in high school with an artist. Orin Camus provided workshops around a body approach through Hip-Hop dance. More on contemporary dance are planned for 2007.

At the IUFM in Versailles Valeria Apicella works with school teachers during their internship entitled "The Landscape Body" led by Pascale Tardif. This work also continues with Émilie Praud presenting her Choreographic Business Card.

Workshops mainly led by Paco Dècina and Orin Camus with the participation of the painter Philippe Guérin for the Universities of Jussieu, Orsay and Paris IV are set up.

The scenic space of dance

The Company's artistic collaborators work in art, design, architecture and vocational high schools.

Valeria Apicella has joined the DMA Cinema class at the Estienne School on the design and dance relationship for a day. The DMA Typography students attended a 2-day technical course on light, led by Laurent Schneegans in the Gallery at the International City Theatre.

In partnership with the Lycée La Source de Nogent-sur-Marne, a very nice operation was carried out with MMA students costumes : after sketches and meetings, they worked with the costume designer of the Company and realized under her guidance the magnificent scenography elements (8 chrysalis) Chevaliers sans armure (TCI, May 2006).

With The Lycée A. Chérioux de Vitry : the students of BTS Design and Espace made sketches during rehearsals. Then they attended a workshop on light with Laurent Schneegans, light designer of the Company, in the Gallery Equipped for this purpose.

At the National School of Circus in Rosny-sous-Bois: these students were asked to discover the choreographer's world and work on the transition from the athletic body to dance with Paco Dècina, Valeria Apicella and Noriko Matsuyama. This work continues in 2007 with Paco Dècina.

Dance and other arts

Dance and Circus Arts, Dance and Plastic Arts, Dance and Light...
Throughout our residency, Paco Dècina shares experimental courses with other artists where disciplines intersect. This will be the case with Mélissa von Vépy and Chloé Moglia de la Co. Moglice-von Verx around their show I look up, I look down, then with our lighting designer, Laurent Schneegans and with the painter Philippe Guérin.

Lectures on the issue of artistic creation (scheduled for 2009)

Three meetings to enter the creative process to distinguish three steps in paco Dècina's approach

These three encounters are accompanied by a viewing of videos marking the evolution of the work filmed at different stages of its creation: the gestation, the repetitions with and without decoration, until the final work that is the work presented to the viewer.

Living in an Elderly Body - The Third Age (projected)

"By the introspective and meditative nature of my work, I have always felt close to older people. There is a quality of thickness, a consciousness, a wisdom of using energy in the dance of an elderly body that have always fascinated me. This ability to express with a simple glance or a small movement has always been the search for my dance."

Paco Dècina

The meeting with the elderly takes place in the retirement homes, in two stages: body workshops led by the Company's interpreters and the presentation of small forms written "tailor-made".

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