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Carnet de Voyages...
private diary of Ateliers des Ailleurs 2
an Artist Residence in the scientific base of Crozet Islands
Archipelago of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands - www.Taaf.fr/en. december 2013 - april 2014.

Paco Dècina will create exclusively for the Festival Oriente Occidente
an installation-choreographic promenade inside the MUSE August 27 2015

Paco Dècina

Terres australes et antarctiques françaises TAAF
"La douceur perméable de la rosée" by Paco Dècina
choreographer laureate of the "Atelier des ailleurs" 2
completed his residency in the Crozet district from December 2013 to April 2014.

Paco Dècina

La douceur perméable de la rosée
Rehersals at CND 2014

Paco Dècina

Napoli Teatro Festival 2013

Paco Dècina

Dance events 2013 DANSE CONTEMPORAINE end of third cycle

Stefanie Pignon

"Festa a Napoli" RAIUNO 1989